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A Sustainable-ID can prevent society from collapsing

  • Sustainable-ID is written to inspire people who want to pass on Earth for 100%!
  • Sustainable-ID is just one of many practical IDeas to Sustain IDentities to pass-on the Earth.
  • Utmost effort has been spend on getting the facts right and to mention the sources where possible.
  • This book does not pretend to be complete.

We live in a world in which humans are unable to avoid the current crises, e.g.: financial, climate, energy and famine, let alone solve them. This book offers a ‘without the box’ solution: A completely new system, unknown to humanity, both in philosophy and in complexity that could lead to a ‘societal paradigm shift’ towards sustainability but can also serve as a guide for rebuilding the society after it has completely collapsed.

Mankind, like any animal, lacks Presence, which results in limitless ‘IDentity creation’. This is what we call ego building, and causes two things:

  • Exhaustion of the individual resources
  • Depletion of Earth’s resources

This book describes a practical, sustainable IDea to pass on the Earth for 100% and to stay mentally fit. It describes the Practical Societal implications of a Presence- and Resource Management System which is a technocratic system that supports the creation of more Sustainable IDentities.

This system helps solve global problems such as unemployment, hunger, economic stagnation, pollution, resources depletion, conservation issues and also personal problems, like: stress, burn-out and depression.

The theory behind the idea that our society – too – is collapsing, is based on the best-documented collapse of a human society: that of Easter Island (Diamond, 2005). This collapse showed that people perished in a competition that was intended to proof how good they were in survival.

The parallels between Easter Island and today’s society are many. The most important one is this: the human survival instinct provided prosperity but was also responsible for their downfall, just like today. Only think of your neighbour who always wants to drive a bigger car than you.

#Rioplus20 proofed #sustainability is business as usual. Read a real #jongenduurzaam #futurewewant #zeitgeistmvmnt

#Rioplus20 proofed #sustainability is business as usual. No it’s not: Read Sustainable-ID #zeitgeistmvmnt  #frescotweets #oneworldnl #anonymous #preppers #mindfulness #presence #dusruttenaarrio #jongenduurzaam #futurewewant

Collapse of #Dutch #Orange #Football is one of many examples of how #egos cling-on to outdated and antiquated systems. #EC #sustainable #marwijk

Background Information
For more information or if you have other IDeas to sustain IDentities and pass on the Earth, visit:

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Keywords: Politics, Sustainability, Survive, Prepper, Cognitive, Philosophy, Zeitgeist, Science, Mindfulness, Presence (‘default-mode-brain’ Raichle), Identity, Survival Instinct, Ego, Energy Economics, Green Economics and Human Development Theory.

What is Presence?

The standard Tibetan title is not “Dalai Lama” but rather “Kundun”, which in English means: “Presence”!

In this book, Presence is defined using an axis, which expresses the level of interaction with the environment and/or body.

  • On the one hand we find Low Interactivity with the environment and/or body. That is the state of mind during which a person reports that he is not engaged in the interaction with the environment or body. Also called: unhappy, wondering, pondering or depressed. This corresponds with a high activity in a certain part of the human brain, called: the Resting Brain. (See: Raichle).
  • On the other hand we find High Interactivity with the environment and/or body. That is the state of mind during which a person reports he is completely immersed in an interaction with environment or body. This is often the case while doing something one really likes, like: reading a good book, watching a good movie, surfing a good wave or playing sports or a computer game.

Presence is defined by the fact that one regularly flows from the High- to the Low Level of interactivity with the environment/body.

Presence is important because when people are in a high level of Presence they regularly reflect and therefore evaluate if one is still immersed in the right activity. Because what if one is doing something wrong? Than unnecessary energy would be ‘wasted’, would it not? People could also be growing an ‘ego’.

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